Missing nozzles for Cyan


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Hi guys! Was wondering if i could get some help. I got a Mutoh 1304 here thats not printing blue, but instead printing purple. I printed blue perfectly yesterday, but today its not. Before printing today, I did a nozzle check and a normal cleaning. Then I started printing and it just didn't print blue, so I stopped it mid job and did a nozzle check. Normally the printer prints 2 test patterns per color and its missing one cyan pattern instead of the two patters. Any suggestions on what I could do? Im affraid to run the machine anymore because all ink levels are at around 50% and im missing a cyan pattern. Maybe another normal cleaning? Any help is greaty appreciated!



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Is it missing all of one side of cyan nozzles? Im not too familiar with mutoh but I believe yours has a dx5 head? Are there two dampers for the cyan ink? Do they both have the same amount of ink in them?