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Mix coolant

Border Press

New Member
Hi I have an Arizona 318 GL Flatbed. I just received a new bottle of coolant but it looks different from the previous bottle we used to use. Canon said this is the bottle they sell now instead. It's a clear liquid and the previous one was green. Is it okay to mix it with the coolant it already in the machine or do I need to flush it all out or something?

Cory Marcin

New Member
We run an EFI H1625 Flatbed. Our coolant went from clear to blue. I asked EFI the same question and they said it was fine to mix the two coolants. I know this isn't the same printer, but I thought I would offer my experience with the subject.
Good luck!

Andy D

Active Member
I have run about 10 different types of printers, including a couple of UV flatbeds & have never heard of "coolant" WTF is it used for?


New Member
To cool the lamps. Even LED UV requires coolant.

It's clear that you have no idea about the Arizona flatbeds. These machines use so-called 'coolant' to heat up the heads and keep them in proper temperature. UV lamps are cooled with the fans.