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Morgue cart/cadaver carrier cover wrap. where to get and will it last with hospital cleaning/chemicals


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The local hospital wants to have a custom cover printed with patriotic theme for dying veterans in the hospital for there Morgue cart/Cadaver Cover.
First not sure who I could get to print and make the cover but that can probably be figured out.

May main concern is what material to have this made out of that will hold up to Hospital cleaning it with all kinds of chemicals?
They said there is a good chance it would be clean or whipped down with Clorox.

Looking to see if anyone else has done this or suggestions on what material, type of printing and where to get this done.


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That must be one of the stranger requests. Too much money on their hands?
I've done design work for the death business, but nothing like that.


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For as much as they charge they can't be bothered to buy a new one for each person? Doesn't seem very honorable to be draped in the same $20 cloth as the last guy that died.

Dale D

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I have not heard of that, ....however, I have had 2 funeral homes in the DC area ask for prices to wrap a casket before the funerals with custom printed wrap.

Stacey K

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Can you buy a regular morgue cover and add some printed vinyl with a heavier laminate? Maybe you could add an additional strip of laminate around the edges so the printed edges are double laminated? The one in the photo looks nice if you can add some printed vinyl, it looks like a heavy plasic canvas type thing. Perhaps a trip to the morgue to see what they currently use might be helpful.

I'm thinking maybe the same laminate people use for printed graphics on semis...they stand up to chemicals?

This is a strange request but what an awesome sight to see a Veteran being wheeled out of his room, down the hall to the morgue draped in a custom printed cover. I really like this idea and I think it's a great opportunity for you to use your best design skills and be very proud of your work!



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i think if you put cut vinyl on that it won't hold up due to the abuse it will take when not in use. printing on it may not work either, is it sewn in to a box shape or is it just a flat blanket type product? if it is sewn in any way to fit the table/coffin or body then you won't be able to get it through the printer. maybe something sublimated or embroidered