Motorcycle Graphics


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I am looking to start doing motorcycle graphics and need to know where to get templates and what materials to use. Any help would be great.


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Very little I do alot of vehicle wraps and have shop in town that wants to start doing custom graphics for their bikes.


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Question is are you ready to devote thousands of dollars and a lot of effort into them or just want to take them on as a side gig.

Because it's really not an industry you can just take on as a side gig... you gotta give it your all to do it RIGHT. Meaning the right materials, laid out right, and manufactured properly.

Craig Sjoquist

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Flame has a point ...been several people doing motorcycles but it really seems to be a very open area to do wraps on

Durability more so then a auto wrap would be a good selling point, also design of course, and since seen close so everything multiples

Hope ya know how to make templates ..

These are just some of the things I'd be thinking of having experience in


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Learn to make your own templates.

+1 on the Flame statement:
Right materials, laid out right, and manufactured properly.

Mader Design

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I'd have to say Materials is one of the biggest factors. So many people these days use regular vinyl that just doesn't hold up to the demands of Motocross. Good quality vinyl and laminate is a must. Then next would be the templates, without them it's a shot in the dark. So many bikes out there that each make and model has different plastics. You can either buy the templates pre-made or make them yourself. Then designing, it's completely different in my opinion than car wraps.

Just like Flame said, be prepared to be dedicated to it, no half a**ing it.


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We currently do motocross graphics. We got some templates from Hunt Graphics. So far they've been good and we've had no problems.


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templates are another huge obstacle if you're looking for pre-cut graphics. We do wraps, patterns only where the customer installs the product theirself...

There are so many different types of body work out there(4-7 brands per year per model motorcycle), that it's difficult to produce pre-cut kits for the racing industry, where they;re most valuable (crash rate/repair is higher).