Moving a JV3


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I'm about to move my printer. I read in an old post that I should lock the heads and remove the ink cartridges. I can't find any instructions on how to lock the heads.

Anyone been through this?


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When mine was installed the tech mounted the yellow head lock to the side of macine. It screws the head to the machine. If not just use some strong tape to stabilize. Be careful and do not remove the inks, you break the suction and he ink drains and then you have to flush and waste ink. Just be careful and acutious thats all I have to say. I moved mine once 5 miles to the new shop in a trailer rolled out of the garage into the trailer and into its new home.. Good Luck


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Just Done It 3 Mo.ago ....use That Yellow Metal "tab" That Came With It To Lock Head Like It Was New....unplug It ..move It .plug It Back Up Need To Drain Anything If It Only Take 8 Hrs Or Less...itll Start Its Cleaning Cycle Right When You Plug It Back In ..i Swear Its Not A Big Deal ..i Was Real Worry Bout It Also ...rolled Er Up In A Enclosed Trailer ..rolled It Out .no Problems
You Night Unbolt That Shroud On Frontwith The Fans On It .take Off Lower Fans Also


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Moving JV3

How far are you moving it and how long will it be unplugged?

We purchased our JV3-160SP used and it took 3 or 4 days to ship. The head wasn't locked down, the printheads & lines were left with ink in them and... well.. let's just say that over $5000 later, we're back up and running (including a new PC board that we had to install since, in the process of changing heads (some of them twice), capping stations, pumps (twice), capping drain lines, etc, we shorted out the PC board).

If it's way over 8 hours, call whomever you purchased it from and get the piece to lock the head. See if you can running cleaning solution through the heads too and store them. I've only had to do it once, but it saved me after the main PC board went down and I had to wait 36 hours for a new one. (Frankly, I'd just call Mimaki tech support - they've been very helpful to me).