Multi-Page PDF


I have a pdf file I want to print only one page. Is there a way to delete the other pages. Right now I am taking the pages I don't want and tiling them down to nothing..


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download free ap, doPDF. Then when you select print select doPDF as your printer and select only the page you want. It will save only that page into a new file. Of course if you have a copy of Acrobat, you can edit there.
In VW, select page range and put the page you want twice.

Example: you want just page 7? Page range: from 7 to 7.

This works great when you just need one page or a couple....but sucks when you need random pages throughout the whole document.

This also works in most other programs as well. That's the way I do it when I'm just wanting one out of the lot. Although like Pat says, not good when doing random pages.