Question multiples of 2-sided printing - HP Scitex 550


I'm here for educational purposes.
Anyone an expert with this? I’m doing a huge run of 2-sided lollipops on 18pt cardstock. I’ve been running them N-up 2 at a time. Then when I have a batch of those, I’ll turn them over and do the second side. I’ve been doing this for a couple of weeks now (HUGE JOB).

So I’m getting towards the end, and a moment ago I was trying to print just two of them one at a time (not N-up). I wasn’t sure if after the first print I needed to flip it over and do side-2, or if I was printing a second side 1.

So, assuming I was printing another side 1, I put in a fresh sheet. The second sheet turned out to be side two. Job done – it did not prompt me to reload for side-2. Head scratch.

Then the alignment bar hit something (ink – time to clean the belt again). As I was moving the belt forward, I noticed a print on the belt where the second sheet would have been had I chosen N-up (I didn’t).

I didn’t think it was possible to set it up for both options. I can either choose 2-sided or N-up. I’m wondering what happened. Like how did it know – I have to tell it everytime what I’m doing.

This has been a long day, and I’m going a little crazy, so I’m really confused. Can anyone shed a light for me? For the time being, I’ll just continue what I’ve been doing because it’s working. But I’d like to understand this a little better. It would save me time if I could set-it up for what just happened, just not sure how it happened. Lol.


so, since I can't stop thinking about this (it blew my mind) I think it has to do with the fact that my original configuration was n-up... and the computer (Scitex software) already knew, so I accidentally found a work-around for something I didn't know could be done.
I got some advice to go home, dinner, a drink and some tv... think about it more with a clear head in the morning. Had the dinner, drink, watched a debate... tbc. I need to experiment.. but revelations are in my future. Also - just found out, as I was leaving work... this is going to be a quarterly project. So I really would like to solve this before it comes up again in a few months.

I would still welcom any input from someone with this printer - who does this a lot. Are you out there on S101?


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I can't help you with your conundrum... but I'm curious, why bother using 2-sided printing?

We always have huge jobs of 100's of signs.... We print all of one side, bring them back to the front of the printer then print the second side next. What are the benefits of using 2-sided printing? it seems like it'd slow it down since you couldn't load the sheets and click sheet ready for the next set.