Mutoh 1204 Head Gap


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Could someone with a Mutoh 1204 post a picture of your printhead gap on the platen? Attached is a picture of mine, but I’m being told it’s not where it needs to be. I can’t get it any lower!!! I’ve got to get printing!! Haven’t printed in over 2 wks and jobs are backing up!!!


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Did you try printing? That's about where mine is. Any lower and you'll start head striking on banner material.


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That looks like it is sitting up too high. Make sure it is all the way down. You will have to pull it forward and back, I bet it is hanging up. You also need to make sure that the plastic pins on the back side of the hold down go in the carriage. then put the screws in and tighten. the head should be more in line with the ramps on the side of it.


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It definitely needs to be lower. Take it apart again and wiggle the head back and forth. It should eventually drop down into position. If not, you might have some of that spring metal in the way which tends to happen from time to time.