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Mutoh 1324 Changing tubes


New Member
I'm thinking to change the hard tubes for the ink. Because I had stopped working the valve after the ink cassetes and I'm afraid that I have air leak over there.
I want to make all the way from cassete to Y hose without interrupt.

First question: Does anyone do that?
Socond question: Does anyone find that tube on Ebay an if, is it a good quality?

I have found this

I'm sorry formy English but I'm not writting a lot...


DIY Printer Fixing Guide
I usually don't recommend changing ink lines because it's almost never the cause of the issue. Older machines have more of a possibility to have the lines break and cause issues but even then it is rare. Usually air gets in at the connections. The most common place for air to get in is the damper and ink line connection. I would start by changing the o-ring ins the connections on the line you think is leaking. If that doesn't fix it, then start thinking about the line.