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Mutoh 1604 capping station tube leaking


New Member

somehow there is a little tiny hole in my small tube that comes out of capping station. And ofcourse it is spraying color all over place.

My tech guy said that only tube can not be replaced. That i need to replace whole station.

So, i was wondering if there is any DIY solution? For now i put some vinyl around the tube, but i doubt it will last...

somehow i have to replace that part of tube... how could i do that?


New Member
The whole maintenance unit is a part what Mutoh suggests to replace every twelve months. If your maintenance unit is more than one year old, it is the better decision to replace it completely. Depending on where the problem is, a leaking tube can lead to decreasing performance of the part.


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Change the Whole Station and get rid of any troubles the next 2 years:

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1. Not only one company makes aftermarket station. There are several companies making the station. You never know which one you got it from. Some people got good ones. Some people just had bad luck getting the bad ones. We sell original station from Mutoh. Buy from a Mutoh dealer from S. California. Original always works, if you install it correctly.

2. Turn around time. It takes 3-4 days to get the part from Digiprint-supplies if they shipped it on time. If not, expect more than a week to receive. From many signs101er reviews, they don't even notify you when they are out of stock. Our daily cut off time is 1 pm. That means check out the link below before 1pm, depends on the shipping method you selected it, you will get a tracking number and know exactly which date it would arrive.

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