Mutoh 1614 Not Printing from First Black Ink Channel

Harold Cloak

New Member
So here is the issue I am currently having,
My Mutoh 1614 is not printing out of one of the black channels. One day I did a strong clean and then a nozzle check before printing and the Right Black ink channel is not printing anything. Here is some information of what was done to the printer:

1: Capping station was changed just over 2 months ago.
2: Dampers were changed the same time and it printed fine after the change.
3: I put some Mutoh cleaning solution in the capping station and let it sit to make sure the lines were clean and the pump was sucking.
4: I took apart and cleaned all the ink drainage lines with acetone and a pipe cleaning brush.
5: I cleaned the head with Mutoh Cleaning solution and did a strong clean.
6: Pulled the black damper and flushed it out with cleaning solution, then used syringe to flush with ink.
7: Took off capping station cap top and cleaned it and made sure the head was sealing properly.
8: Flushed the 2 black channels with Mutoh Cleaning solution and it flowed completely fine through both.

Could I be having a head cable issue? I use the printer almost every day and have been fighting with this issue the past 2 days.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Roland Mutoh & Mimaki inks
Replace the maintenance station. if that don't work needs a new head.