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mutoh falcon outdoor 36 inch


New Member
can anybody help me im in south texas just bought a semi used 36 inch digital printer it prints beautiful but started having trouble with some colors magenta especially but i still don't know how to maintenance it i have also noticed that there has not been any waste in the wste can can it be that it wont print right because all waste is clogged up


New Member
Check the capping station. I the pads ( filters) are puffed up they may not be effective. I moved the printhead (with the printer off) to the left...put a little denatured 91% alchole in the capping stations and then turn and run a cleaning cycle. Then do a noozle check and if needed another cleaning cycle.Watch the tubing during the cleaning to see if the lines are NOT clogged. Mine has the same problem ( even with the magenta )and I am replacing that part.