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Mutoh Falcon Outdoor Extended Warranty

Steve C.

New Member
My Machine is now a year old and I have been contacted by GEI CalGraph to extend my service warranty. Have any of you Falcon users taken advantage of this offer? Know about it??? Opinions? They want $2395 for one year, covers all parts and labor and replaces up to 2 print heads if needed.


New Member
Its a gamble, you could win, but chances are you will loose... Just my opinion on these things. Print heads are about $400 each and labor is about $200.. So that is about $1,000 of value to you. Other stuff like pumps, dampers, etc can be replaced by yourself. Pumps are about $50 and dampers are $20 each.

Now if a feed motor or circuit board dies on you that is where you win... :)