Mutoh Falcon Outdoor Jr color profile help?


I tore my acl and didn't use my equiptment for 10 months so I replaced both printheads and maintance station and got
It printing better then it ever did but I accidentally deleted my printer profile out of production manager instead of what I was done printing and can't remember what auto-fx told me to use for the settings because I didnt write them down like I should have I'm using oracal 3951g for the output profile and my dither is on fmxpress. Can some one please help me on what output profile I should use and what input profiles for CMYK, RGB, and Gray I should use and if I should use any rendering intent because i have them all set at no color
Correction right now, because the tiff file I'm usin for
A test is a aurora graphics one and the print has a shadowed effect and seems like the darker colors are to dark. I'm using flexisign pro v8.5, someone please help this is driving me nuts not being able to use the printer properly


I believe the PrismJet 38 is the same as the Mutoh outdoor Jr. Mine is a prismjet but has Mutoh Tags

both are CYMK


Ok thank you what I'm mostly having trouble with is the aurora graphics wrap files I'm trying to print because they are RGB I guess and when I set any kind of rendering intent all my gray and black colors have a red hue to them and I've never had that issue before I deleted my setup on accident. I don't know if I have the wrong input profiles set or what the deal is but I'm willing to pay someone for some tech support


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Yeah, I dont remember exactly, but now that you have new heads, youre starting over anyway. Check the SW setup, then work from there. Try different output profiles - i think i used 3651 720x720 the most because it was fairly reasonable on most medias i was using.Also try adjusting saturations (you'll find all that in Production Manager). If your greys are printing red or green try adjusting down the magenta or the cyan. This is a common situation, BTW.