Mutoh print....check this out.


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This is a printed banner coming off our Mutoh. Customer provided a .jpg which was not very high fact probably only around 50 dpi at full size....but it is still pretty impressive.

The Mutoh ValueJet is the bomb.



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Beautiful... We Really Like Ours. Some People Give Us A Hard Time Because We Don't Have A Roland, But We Are Very Happy With Our Value Jet.

I Can't Wait Until Oracal Comes Out With The 50" Media, Should Be Soon!!! One Of Our Guys Went To An Oracal Vehicle Wrap Seminar And That Was Exciting News For Us. No More Having To Get It Cut Down.

Matt Cuellar

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The ValueJet is the bomb! I absolutely love mine. I've got it running in the spare bedroom almost nightly and everyone's been impressed so far.