Mutoh printers

I have a Mutoh Valuejet. Before I bought my printer I subbed out all my digital printing, I used a couple of people with different printers, one had a Roland, one had a Mimaki. Both had quality prints but the Mimaki was much more consistent in colors and print quality than the Roland (could have been the user though).
I was going to buy a Mimaki (30") because my shop size is small but settled on the Mutoh (48" 1204) because I got alot more printer for the money, plus I liked the weave print technology. I got print samples from various vendors that sell Mutoh and liked what I saw.
I absolutely love my Mutoh printer! I have owned it 2 years and it prints like the day I got it! When I upgrade I will definately be getting a Mutoh again.
Hope this helps!:smile:


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I am new to printing but I have a Mutoh Falcon Outdoor and even though it is an older model it rocks for what I been doing, stuff like race car wraps, rear window perfs etc..... happy so far :thumb: