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Mutoh RJ-900X dye sublimation 44" printer $2000

Lunar Graphix

Button Pusher
Manufactured in 2016. We are the original owners.

Replaced print head, capping station and dampers in Dec 2018.

Printer is currently not operating correctly. Nozzle check shows missing colors.

As mentioned above, the print head is only 2 months old. Printer ran fine in Jan and Feb, until colors dropped out suddenly last week. We decided it's time to change to another machine and sell this one off. Fixing could be as easy as bleeding the lines and doing an ink fill, but may need new print head or capping station.

I've attempted to repair but could not get the air out of the lines after a bleed/refill, not sure why. If you buy this, it is as-is. It could be used for parts or repaired at your cost. Working on these isn't hard, I just didn't want to put another $2k into it by buying a new printhead (if that's even the problem).

Printer is currently powered on so head doesn't dry out in case it's still good. Will leave powered on until it sells. We used daily since purchasing from SPSI in 2016. Great machine, only started acting up in the last 90 days and we've decided to pick something up that is larger and has warranty.

Includes take up reel (not shown) and pictured ink (2 full bottles, 2 half full bottles). Cartridges are also full.