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Mutoh Rockhopper 38


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Well I did it, bought a printer. Unsure if i got a good deal or not butt what is the report card on a Rockhopper 38 ? Good bad ? Got it for a good price. Comments
Essentially the Rockhopper is the same machine as:

1) Falcon Outdoor Jr
2) Agfa Sherpa
3) ? Gerber Jetster (not sure on this)

This is an entry-level machine that will likely require a good bit of your attention to keep producing sellable output, as it performs no unattended cleanings (apart from mid-print cleanings). It is a relatively slow printer, but when well maintained, will produce reasonable quality output.


mark in tx

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I agree with Bob, make sure the person you bought it from shows you how to clean it. And clean it everyday, no matter if you printed or not.


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Plenamente de acuerdo con Bob... es una buena máquina la sherpa 2, lenta pero de buena salida. Tengo el manual de mantencion de la Falcon Outdoor y deseo un manual de mantencion y reparacion para mi plotter Agfajet Sherpa 2 o Mutoh rj-4100 que es casi lo mismo.


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Well my Mutoh Falcon Jr outputs very good quality prints at 720 bi-direction and outstanding prints at 720 high quality. If you are not printing everyday, run a nozzle check or make a small CYMK test file to print so the printhead stay open. You can perform "head cleanings and powerful head cleanings" if needed. Cleaning the cap station, around the print heads and watching your waste lines and make sure everything is moving are basic part of maintenance. Maintenance manuals are available in PDF form and are free. Parts are available and replacing them are only part of maintenance. Look at it like the tires wear out on your car and need to be replaced. There have been a lot of post here about printer maintenance that is available. If you need anything, I am always glad to share what I know or have found out. The Falcon is a good printer and with a cutter for contour cutting, you will find you have a very efficient work system. Check out the "looking at print/cut?"link on the bottom, signmythbreakers.com for real life speed and work flow information.
Nice going and good luck.


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The Rockhopper 38 is essentially the same as Jackpine's Falcon Outdoor jr. SignWarehouse sells it as the PrismJet Extra 38. It's a good, versatile eco solvent printer and can be used with the right cutter and software for decal work.