Mutoh V1614 Magenta Nozzle clogged (I guess) - tried, soaking - no go


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I'm having issues with a nozzle, on the nozzle check I get a lot of interrupted lines, and while printing posters the colours are of course all messed up because the magenta isn't flowing properly. Also, while printing - I notice there are a lot of horizontal lines on whatever area magenta is used. I tried calling a guy, he wants to switch the entire head, that's way too expensive, besides the head is only one year old. Any ideas, help, would be appreciated.
EDIT: So, I will attach a nozzle check and a CMYK check.
Additional and important info:
-there is enough ink, I started ''troubleshooting'' at 29 percent, now it is at 15.
-the first nozzle check doesn't show magenta at all, only after cleaning it shows, but as you can see the lines are interrupted
-after printing a poster, the nozzle check is even worse. So, I clean it again, get better, but still horrible results - interrupted lines
-when I just print a simple CMYK check (see attachment) - you can notice that other colours are using the wave function properly, while magenta isn't 'wavy'
-the printer didn't work that much, not a lot of customers, but I did clean it once a day
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Post a nozzle check for us to look at. When was the last time you changed dampers and cap tops?
I edited the first post with additional information. Forget I said anything about soaking, I am a complete beginner and I just tried something one neighbor recommended a while ago, don't even remember how it was soaked, my brother did it. Pretend I didn't do anything about the issue, blank state.
I bought the machine, used, half a year ago, I never changed any parts, no dampers, cap tops, nothing. Only changed the ink, did regular cleaning.


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I would start by changing the cap top and dampers. They are periodic maintenance items that wear out over time. Once that's all in there, run a cleaning cycle and watch the waste tubes to make sure ink actually flows during the cycle. If not, the pump might be clogged or need to be replaced. Once all the maintenance parts are new/clean if the magenta doesn't improve, you could do a head soak and/or flush it manually as a last resort. It looks like either the magenta is just clogged.