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Mutoh Valuejet 1324 - Missing Channels


New Member
Hello everyone,

I have recently taken on the task of operating a Valuejet 1324 for my employer. Problem is I am not certain of how it's been maintained. So let me try to get it clear for all who can help....

Recently had 1 channel of each color drop out. I have a good deal at the capping station (double checked) prior to this happening I did have some nozzles dropped out but after a head wash they came back then suddenly lost 4 channels being 1 from each color.

Please send any advise and suggestions on what to try while I wait in the parts I have ordered to arrive. I have ordered a replacement head, dampers, new lines and a MS for standby as I anticipate staying very busy not needing to have downtime.

Thanks in advace.....

P.S.- I am running Nutec Inks currently from Tubelite.


New Member
After you replace the parts mentioned and still have the same problem, think about replacing your ink. I am not sure how good or compatible Nutec ink is to the original Mutoh ink