Need Help Mutoh VJ 1304 printing problem


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Hello everyone, i need some help with our Mutoh VJ 1304.
Ive atached some pictures at the end. The main issue its in the magenta color.
It seems that magenta and cyan have some clogged nozzles. When printing the magenta starts fine for about 1inch then it starts banding. Cyan its almost not noticiable. Ive noticed some magenta sprayed ink in the plate at both sides, also theres magenta spray in the printed image (when using magenta).
In the media attached, if you see the pictures you can notice how some seems to be clogged while others the ink spray at the side.
Ive cleaned everyting, changed all the dampers, inks, longstore cleaning, short or long regular cleanings. Tried soaking the head for about 5minutes, nothing changed, same results.
What else could be done? Maybe soaking the head for 4,5 hours?
Tks in advance

update01: today tested dumpers (same brand new ones), used the black ones in the magenta channnel, same the problem seems to be in the print-head, ill try soak the head for some hours and see what happens

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