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Need Help Mutoh VJ1324 Print


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Hello, this is my first post here. I bought a used Valuejet 1324 a couple months ago. It's printed great up until now. I always do a clean and a couple nozzle checks before printing. But for the last couple prints it has been leaving streaks. I did the CR Maintence as well and it's still leaving streaks... do I need a new wiper?

Thank you


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Not the head or the maintenance station, your material is tunneling up high enough to contact the head.
Could b a lot of things - bad material - heat setting too high - not loaded straight - not loaded square on the take-up reel.
Need to think back on what has changed from the time it was printing well to these issues.

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Also check your head height. Not a huge difference in height, but we print everything on 'high'


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When it comes to media buckling the main things are loading the material straight and proper heat settings. If the roll is telescoped, no matter how straight you load the material it will start to skew so just make sure the roll is nice and flush on each side. Some materials are just more prone to buckling so you just have to lower the heat, turn the vacuums up 100% and raise the head height. Most of the time buckling comes form heat settings being too high so you can just back them off until it works properly.


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Great! Thank you. I'll reduce the heat and turn the vacuum up and give that a try. I know I'm printing with the head height on low as well. I can give it a shot printing on high if I have to also. Thanks guys for all the advice!