Need Help Mutoh VJ1604 miss aligned nozzle and CMYK line marking during print

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Hi Everyone

Need some assistance..

My printer suddenly started printing a thin hairline (vertical) on both side of the print (C /K color at 1st) .. Then it went burzurk and basically printed mumble full color strip (head width) shortly after...

Changed x4 spare/used printer mother board, tried 2x spare/used + 2x new printer cable.. Did not work...

Switch print head to another machine and it prints fine (so not the print head)

Check machine setting and all set to the same with the ones working.

The RIP file are kept the same and on the same cue (only switch printer on print cue).

Have tried pulling the power cable and let it sat for 3 days before that too...

Been playing with it for 2 days and attached photos is its current state..
- 4 lines (CMYK) on both sides of print
- hair line (head width) random on print
- nozzle mis-aligned

I am not sure if I am so bad luck that all the used (spare) motherboards were toasted or that the cables were too.. As different boards matched with different cables had various results from fuzzy (out of focus) nozzle to just plain full blast CMYK nozzle line fired together left to right...

Not sure what's wrong or if somehow we can swiped the machine and start over... If anyone have any thoughts on this.. Please help. Highly appreciated


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DIY Printer Fixing Guide
Take the long top cover off of the machine and run a print. It could be the trailing cables banging against the cover. Sounds weird but I have run into this problem many times with that model.