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Mutoh VJ1624: Magenta missing in Nozzel Check

Jen M

New Member
1EEE38B4-87E8-4DF6-8C53-3AE898F59DF0.jpeg D164F212-303A-4675-9CE8-D02E96793CE6.jpeg Just changed out the dampers for my Mutoh VJ1624 only to have this gem of a problem pop up.

During the nozzel check I get 2 black , 2 cyan, 2 yellow, and only 1 magenta. Should be 2 magenta... it makes no sense. There are no clogs in the prinhead, the magenta just isn’t dropping any ink at all for its second magenta part.

I am attaching images. Please note the magenta looks black in my picture but it is in the picture with the yellow (which is as per usual, impossible to see).

Two pictures, one to show the black and cyan, the other to show the yellow and magenta. I am aware It seems i have a couple clogged nozzels on the cyan.