My CE5000-40-CRP (Craftrobo PRO) is cutting very strange (PICS INSIDE)


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New blade, fresh teflon strip, it worked fine about a week ago, and will still work fine every now and then.

I am using Flexisign Pro 8 with my Graphtec CraftRobo PRO CE5000-40-CRP

These are very large cuts too, it's not like they are 1/4" tiny detailed cuts, these are 2-4" squares.

Basically, the machine will cut 3 different ways:
- Clean normal cut
- Perforates the cut (like its skipping or something?)
- Does not cut at all, or cuts way too lightly

Here are the pictures, could someone please help explain what is happening? (My apologies for some blurry shots, the macro feature on this phone does not work too well)

Thanks in advance!


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I've already tried putting the old blade back in, messing with the offset, adjusting the blade depth and blade force.

I've cleaned everything, made sure the belt was taut, made sure nothing was loose.