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My first attempt at creating a font.

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So I've been wanting to try my hand at creating a font... Never done it before. I finally found some inspiration to proceed. I was pouring through some old records and found a typeface that I really liked, and wanted to make my first Font from.

Dont laugh... the album is Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66,.... inspiration can come from strange places.

So... There was a very limited set of characters to work from but enough for me to base my project on. I created all of the type in Illustrator using a grid system and shape tools.

I know this is somewhat a derivative work, as you can see in the attached files, however I couldnt find a font exactly like this anywhere on the net, the closest I found was quadrata from LHF.

Now I need some professional help.... Does anybody here know how to take these vectored shapes and create a true type file?
And Oh yeah, what do you think?


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Kinda looks like House Gothic too, That typeface looks like something Photo-Lettering Inc would have done back in the day....(the Library is currently being digitized) cool typeface....



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I like it too! Let me know when you have it ready.

Also, I read somewhere that Corel Draw is capable of making fonts. Is that true?