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My first big job


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I have just opened a sign shop in a small town in California. I have my first quote on a box truck and need help with a quote. This is done in Premium 2 color vinyl. The company name with back shadow are 12 inches in height and total company name is 14 foot long with seams and rivets to deal with. Next line a 2 words 6" tall, and next line phone number and town. This will be on both sides of truck with nothing on the back. Can anyone give me a hand on a quote and any sticking points to watch out for?

Patterson Signs


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Charge for your supplies, vinyl, application tape and/or app fluids. Then charge for your normal shop time say $55/hr. You will have to figure out how much time you think you will need to apply say three hours so add in $165 ontop of your materials.


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With the info you gave I would say any where from cheep--> $800 - $1,200 minimum. any less and youll be kicking your self for not charging more. I am in central California and I get $1,200 for a simple 2 color 14' box if they provide the design and as much as $2500 and up for a complex job.

Fred Weiss

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Based on your information it sounds like the two sides will calculate out to about 72 square feet of installed cast vinyl. In my market we get $12.50 per square foot for riveted surfaces. Therefore:

72 x 12.50 = $900