My first vehicle wrap (?)


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Hello Signmakers,

Requesting your opinions and advice.

We are making wall decals for indoors since 2 years. We have a GCC plotter for monochromatic designs and for the colored ones, we print them on white Oracal 3628. We do not have a laminator, however this isnt an
issue for indoors.

Now, we have been getting inquiries for vehicle wraps. All the knowledge regarding wraps that have is from reading this forum.

Wrapping will be printing the intended design on vinyl according to appropriate size and applying on the car, is it so?

Would you advise an indoor decal maker to not to divulge into making wraps or this is very much a part of the same business?

More importantly, i wont buy a laminator immediately. I will be printing the design on Oracal 3164 using eco-solvent inks. Expecting 3+ years of durability. This is in India, rain and heat are important factors.

We have worked with this client on interior assignments. He very much wants to hear a 'yes' from us since he is happy with the results we provided earlier.

I am putting the decision to you experts.

Thanks in anticipation


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Forget about It, you need to laminate It no matter what (if you want It professionally done) plus if you dont have experience i would not recommend a printed wrap to be your ginnea pig, practice with a color change wrap and use your personal cars, so final answer dont do It!! Oh use cast material 100% of the time for Wraps


I don't do wraps, but have a digital printer. Why you ask? Because there are far too many wraps that look like garbage on the install portion than good installed wraps. Check out some locally if you see some.

Anyone can lay down some die-cut vinyl, A wrap onto a vehicle panel that may have grooves, rivets and then needs cut out without cutting the paint and door seals? No thanks.

Just being honest and helping you from looking like a jackass down the line.

Craig Sjoquist

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How many others are all ready doing wraps in Mumbai within few miles to your reach 50 _100 miles...?

What are your design skills ? and do you have software & computer to handle your 1st 50 wraps ?

Can you get the wrap printed, laminated, & installed at a wholesale in Mumbai near you.

Myself I would straight deal with design only .. sub out the print & laminate & install.
till my designs sold so many I would need to oversee more & control more.


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Thanks for your opinions people.


Not many wrap makers in Mumbai. And people don't do as many wraps as in US. But slowly and definitely the market is increasing.

Your advice also seems appropriate, may be I'll outsource most of it.