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My Summa D60


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I have finally bought my Summa D60 from a guy on eBay. He said it was Like New, and it does look like it was seldom used. However, under close inspection I noticed that it probably fell off his desk at some point because one of the brackets that hold the media support rollers has a slight bend in it. It seems to be slightly bent to the left, but not bent up or down at all, meaning that it is still level. Do you think this will affect anything? I can straighten it if necessary.

Also the right plastic cover that goes over the motor, has one of the molded in screw mounts broken. I can fix that pretty easy, and you can't see it at all from the outside, but when I took the cover off to look at why it was loose, I noticed that the little belt that is driven by the motor didn't really line up with the other pulley. It seems like the pulley that is mounted on the motor is a little high and needs to be lowered.

Can someone with a D60 let me know if this pulley should be lowered?

Here is a pic...


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Summa Tech Support

I'd like to give a thumbs up to Summa Tech Support today.

I gave them a call concerning the things mentioned in the above post, and it turns out that the pulley on the motor is upside down.

I kept him on the phone for about 20 minutes asking him questions about my D60, and about USB drivers and firmware and parts availability etc.

He was happy to help me out even though I didn't purchase my D60 new.

To quote him, "It has the Summa name on it, you'll get free support for life."

Well that means a lot, and it's something that you should consider if you're still looking at buying your first vinyl cutter.

It's been said many times before here at :signs101: , if you're looking to get your first cutter, look into a Summa D60.

Now I have to call the guy I bought it from and grill him on why the pulley was upside down!


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The few times I've called they've always been more than helpful on the Summa, Corel and CoCut. They never even ask me to prove my ownership, just help out. Kudos to Summa!

Just Me

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I have owned nothing but Summa's since 1996, wouldnt have it any other way:thumb:

EDIT: We also own the Roland but i consider that a different machine altogether!


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So far, my Summa seems to be working real good. It passed all of those little set up test cuts, and I cut a pretty detailed tigers head decal as a test too.