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Name this font


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Can anyone help me name this particular font? Also I believe there use to be a website where you could upload an image and it would tell you your possibilties on what font type it was. Thanks again to everyone who has helped both present and past.


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TVG It's whatthefont.com or myfonts.com
I have an image I just uploaded to there also...not sure about the panic font they said. I have 4000 fonts..and none are called panic. Anyone have another name for the fonts in my image? thanks. (sorry to intrude on your post TVG!!)


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Fred Weiss

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TVG - It's definitely not American Typewriter or anything else I know of but the sample size is weak and it has had a lot of modification. Might be time to break out the old pen tool and hand trace it.


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Thats what I was affraid of, no problem tracing is not an issue for me.

No prob on the post Cheryl.