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Need a budge laminator


New Member
We are a 20+ year old sign business and recently purchased our first print/cut machine. We've been laminating by hand with pretty good success, except wraps which are a challenge to get all the bubbles out. After having lost out of a few big jobs, we are looking to buy a laminator. We are in a small town, and don't have much growth potential, so can't justify spending too much.

Looked on ebay at Oomoolangma machines, are they any good? Also US Cutter GFP 255C, 55" Cold Laminator for $4000.

Mascitti Bro

New Member
We are in the same situation, (but not 20yrs) and have been eyeing a "Solo 55" cold one from Daige . (Have found the same model ranging in costs from $1800-$2400 from random suppliers)