Need a little help-FLEXI 8.0v1


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I need to print and then contour cut 1,000 numbered rectangles. Numbers 0000 - 1000. I know flexi has a automated process to do this, but I cannot figure it out. I definitely do not want to type each number into it's own rectangle. Any help available? is there a tutorial somewhere i can read on it, besides whats in the manual? the flexi manual like most of it's functions are CRAP! At least to a fairly competent, graphic designer...:thankyou:


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example here


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Go to auto serialize under the arrange drop down.

I'm not at the shop - trying to remember, this should be close...

Type out your first number in choice of font and size, select text (numbers), go to arrange, click auto serialize, set your number of columns, click ok, click serialize. Keep us updated.


I just tried it, just like DRPSigns said, layout the first one exactly how you want it, select it and then auto serialize and it will put the box and what ever else is sellected with the numbers.