Need a pulley pin for a mutoh 1324, getting E074er current


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My mutoh 1324 was getting an E074er current and stopping in the same place on the left end of the machine randomly. Cleaned the encoder strip and checked everything was tight and not loose. When looking at the pully on the right side the pin and pulley popped out loosing the pin. (I've looked every where for 2 weeks). I was able to find a pin that worked for a little bit from the hardware store. But then the E074er current started again stopping in the same place. So I replaced both the encoder strip and sensor, printed 8ft no problem then same E074er current stopping in the same place on the left again. Took off the top of the machine to watch what was going on and the pin and the pully popped out again.

The pulley/pin/spacers are not parts I can order looking for anyone with old printers/parts willing to sale?


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