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Need a recommendation


New Member
I have a VersaCamm SP 300, which I love. But a lot of times I need to laminate and it is expensive and slows us way down to have to outsource this.

Is there a good inexpensive laminator out there that will work on vehicle graphics?

I've heard some people hand laminate, is that a solution?

Also I need a laminate that I can hand laminate that is graffiti resistant. Or some grafiti resistant product that we can use for a job to be done early next week.

Thanks in advance


Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
If you can get along with only a 25" width, I heard lots of people make positive statements about the Ledco Econocraft machine. It lists for a little over $2000 and, when I was shopping, I was quoted $1700 by Grimco.

Ledco Econocraft