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A customer called recently wanting a print or a custom painting on his motorcycle gas tank of a skull (see photo). I don't paint anymore but would love to give him a price for a custom decal or even a wrap with some wild looking scull stuff. Have not checked out Aurora yet but was wondering if there was anything else?


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I've seen alot of that type stuff on Aurora in the past. I would imagine that a biker would want something one-off instead of out of a catalog (Maybe not though...). Here's a thought- What if you commissioned a tattoo artist that is willing to draw something like that for him and you scan and print it from that? If it were me, I'd try to locate a couple of artists in the area that are willing to do that, and introduce the client to them, and let them go through the process of creating the art. That way you're not involved in the financial discussion of what the art is worth, and there can be as many revisions as the client is willing to pay for and keep that headache away. It could be that they could create something digitally instead of hand drawn and not have to worry about the scanning at all.