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Need barbed wire!!!


New Member
Okay, I have had this customer bugging me for some time to get him some barbed wire pinstriping. He has a fence company and wants to stripe everything with barbed wire. Anyone know of a source for this???

If you don't know of anyone that sells barbed wire striping (on a roll), how about a clipart file of barbed wire? I know, I know, I could trace it myself, but I'm lazy and the 20-30 minutes it would take to make a seamless barbed wire vector layout, add color and cutlines to it, would be more work than I could charge for, for this job.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys/girls.:cool:


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You can buy pre-printed barbwire from restylerschoice.com. They'll send you a catalog if you call 1-800-733-3316. They only sell to shops.


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sharpline graphics also sells barbed wire pinstripe. I have one in clipart form as well that I created while back.


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Geary said:
Hey FM,

How 'bout if I come up there and lay it down by hand for ya? :tongue:


That's okay Geary. He just wants a roll to stick on random stuff. Like... truck, trailer, bike, door, face etc. If you really want to come over and stripe all of that (and throw in some face painting to boot. lol), be my guest. I'll even give the guy your number...