need coro boards cut into shapes


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need some coro board cut into shapes for a customer. cnc?? does anyone do this??? need about 50!! all the same shape and size!!


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If one of the Merchant Members cant help you, we have several contour cutters and could probably help you


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I get all my stuff done at Cornerstone Architectural if you want to get pricing you can call Jeff at 309-208-1599, he did 20 of these frames below (not the finishes as these are test finishes). These are custom mirror frames which were routed and plowed with a rabbet from the back to set the mirror. Cost was really minimul and great timing. He is very good at confidentiality as well which in my business is very important as I design him and then pay him to set it up for the router in CAD. He has about 5 more of my designs right now that he is getting ready to run. Very good guy with a great facility and he ships all the time!


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