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Need Help ID'ing this font - Cross between Athletic & Freshman but with a shadow?


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I need help finding this font as well as how to add the shadow as in this example. It looks like the M & F is Athletic, but the rest is Freshman??? And how do I add this shadow??

Any help is very appreciated a thousand times over!!

Thanks in advance.



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Fred Weiss

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The font is named Princetown Solid.

Kind of hard to tell you how to do the shadow without knowing what software you are using. To do the shadow ... it looks like an automatic routine but I can't say for sure which application may have generated it. It has a relief and an inline.

It could be done manually by inlining for the white line of the shadow. Then offset that shape. Next outline to create the relief and use it to do a cutout of the shadow and delete that shape leaving the relief. Clear as mud?


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Hmm. That helps a little. I can use Corel - but am a novice, but I can follow directions very well. I am semi-pro at Photoshop, and a novice in Illustrator.

Any more help?



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Okay - here's the deal - I need this re-created asap. The font is Princetown Solid. The end result is for t-shirt screen printing. I would need the end file, flexible for resizing.

If you are interested in doing this, please let me know. I would need to know how much? How quickly can you do it? What would the final format be sent back in?

I can email you all of the details upon award of the job.


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If you send the font I'll do it for free, but I don't have that font. If it's one color, the screen printing part is done when you finish the file. Photoshop, jpg, or .psd, whatever size/resolution you want, get it to you tonight.

camconcay @ yahoo .com (no spaces) with font (windows) and details.

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