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Need help in pricing LexEdge


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We haven't raised our price on this customer in 3 years. We've been charging the customer what the previous owner used to charge.

Every 3 months or so, he orders 100 sheets of 1" numbers and 100 sheets of 1" letters. in Black.

11.75 X 12 each sheet, and we score them so the customer can punch out the letters and numbers needed.

We live in a lower income area, but I need to get some kind of realistic price. Since he's on ongoing customer, I'd like to give him a deal, but not shoot ourselves in the foot.

Here is an example of what we produce for him.


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Goodness! I'm not being very nice. I should have responded waaaay before now!

Thank you Fred for your advise. It gives me the direction I need to go!