Need help loading Onyx Gamaprint

Dan Berg

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Recently purchased a used Epson S80600. Came with several boxes of Onyx software. I called Onyx and they were not helpful at all other than telling me it is no longer serviced and is out of date.
I tried loading it but it will not load on my Windows 10. Anyone have suggestions? Maybe if I found a copy of Windows 7 it might load? The used printer took 2 new heads and that drained me of all my spare money so buying a new rip right now is not viable.
We are not a production shop and mainly print canvas art hospitality prints.
Might get into a little vinyl as we have a Graphtec cutter and Roland Bn-20a.
If this doesn't work out any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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You can upgrade through onyx. Think it's usually $1000 to get it upgraded to the newest version with a year of upgrades... Maybe more since it's printer specific. Onyx 22 is around the corner, so now is a good time to do it.

I don't know how gamaprint works... But if it was non gama, getting it installed is one thing, getting the onyx print driver for your version is another. Onyx keeps them on their servers... And if it's an old version you won't be able to download it. Maybe it's on the onyx usb install, but ive never dealt with the gama versions - I'd look into that before spending too much time trying to get it to work.


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Pretty sure Onyx will only give you a discounted rate if upgrading from the previous version of whatever is "current". Same as their driver download policy.

Dan Berg

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What version is your key for?

Sorry for the delay, I was out for a week.The Onyx salesman says it is 12.2 Onyx Gama Print. 2 sets with 2 serial numbers.
Several of the Cd's say version 6 and it will not load on my MacBook pro with Parallels Windows 10.
We are printing with one canvas maybe 2 and might do a little vinyl print and cut. Not a production shop at all. Just got this thing for a decent price (except for the 2 new heads) and want to see how it compares to our 44" pigment printers.


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You'll have much better luck getting 12.2 loaded in Windows 7. I'm not sure I was ever able to get it working properly in 10 either.

Do you have the hardware dongle for Onyx? Without it you won't be able to get it running.


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Simplest thing might be, reformat.
Load windows 7 pro
Install onyxand all your other software
Do free online upgrade to windows 10
Many times you can complete this entire process in less time than you would spend loading compatability mode and the necessary settings