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Need help on buying plotter/cutter - skewed pricing


New Member
Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum and I must say I love this forum and how helpful everyone is in here.

I am planning on buying a cutter that can take 54" media in a couple of days and need help in making decision.

My application has 2 main use:
1. for cutting large pieces of vinyl running typically about 10 feet in length (but can be longer).

2. for cutting small letterings and intricate designs. Thus, need a cutter than can handle 1/4" lettering.

I am from Singapore so the prices here are different from the states. I list my choice of brand with the price (converted to USD).

Mimaki CG-130FX : $7375 (handled by a sole distributor here who specializes in Mimaki)
Graphtec CE5000-120: $5000
Graphtec FC7000-130: $6250
Roland Pro GX-500: $4687 (several distributors and this is from the one that is offering the lowest price)

No Summas here.

I have ploughed through this forum and read through most of the threads. Seems like lots of Graphtec supporters here. However, Graphtecs are also relatively cheaper in States compared to Roland.

So with the above info, I need your opinions on what should I get?

Please feel free to share whatever you feel or think.

The Mimaki distributor is also having a promotion where they bundle JV3-160SP with their 130FX cutter for $30,500.
I have no need for printing now except for the occasional job I get which I will then outsource it to another shop.
However, I do have plans to do some print and cut in near future.

Please help...