Need help with a JV3


My cut is way off from my print. How do I do an alignment or what is needed? I'm new to Mimaki as I came from Roland at my last job. We have a JV3-160SP and a CG-160FX.


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As Drs05 says, check to make sure you are in the right slot with your blade holder. There are two. Your blade should be in the one closest to the back of the machine.

If you are still off, hit the Function button and enter the setup menu to make any changes to the feed offset.


It is in the correct slot, I will look for that in the function menu and see if that gets me anything.



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Are your registration marks set up correctly? i.e. are they the same in Finecut for the print compared to what the cutter is looking for? (Mark size, line width, mark shape)

Sometimes, the cutter can find the marks, even though they are wrong for what its set up for, but it won't register correctly.

Also, make SURE there is no image or print in the path of the registration marks. The cutter may be sensing these as registration marks.

Hope this helps.