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Need help with font and arc


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Hey guys i need help finding these fonts i know i can trace this and get it but the customer wants more added to it in the dame fonts. Also is there an easy way to figure out the arc ? Thanks in advance for your help. Dan


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Fred Weiss

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The script is named York Script. You can download a free version HERE.

The Sans Serif font is Impact. If you don't already have it, it can be purchased HERE.

Matching the arc can be done a couple of ways:

1. Determine the radius of the arc used to create the text, draw a circle to match the baseline of the arced text. measure the height of the circle and divide by 2. Use that as the radius entry for arced text.

2. Draw a circle to match the baseline of the existing sample and then use it to type text on path if your software has that feature.


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