need help with "satellite" problem


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Hi everyone
got a wierd problem on our jv3-130 spII

heads test-print comes out almost perfect ( 2-3 lines in the magenta fires wrong)
but, when i print the "dark" aries in the graphics, especialy the black, have 1-2 mm banding and, alot of "satellite" (lots of dots outside smooged outside the graphics) about 2/3 of the far side of the graphics.
from what ive seen so far, the "lighter" aries in the graphic dont have bandings or satellite problems.

few things changed since last "good printing":
1)my boss moved the machine few days ago one floor up ( body alone and leges alone).

2) hade problem with left side of the black head testprint (didnt print)
and we replaced the filter with a smaller one with bigger "filter" inside.
after few prints , the left black testprint didnt print again but after cleaning and fill-up, it printing good again.

anyone have any idea why this happens?

Thanks in advance,


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uploading pics

no one answerd, mybe i wrote to much?...

here are pics of the problem,
any help will be much appreciated.

satellite prob.jpg

head test.jpg