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need help with this font


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I need some help identifing this font anyone know what it is
the word Racing
Thanks Dean


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SignMan Sez

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Hmmm, reminds me of a cartoon by Bob Parsons in SignCraft years ago. The foreman came in to the shop and said "Sorry Joe, we're going to have to let you go...the office gal just digitized your Casual".
It was a true expression of the changing times in the sign industry.

Because window "splash" graphics became my mainstay (for the last 20 years), I didn't keep pace with the whole vinyl aspect of the trade, and have felt like a "dinosaur" on many occasions. However, when I see a post like this request for a hand-lettered type font, I get a silent, confident smile knowing that I possess the skill to produce such an item efficiently with a brush.
As fate would have it, I recently started painting gym floor graphics for a company, and although it's hard work (at 55 yrs. old) I'm enjoying it knowing my talents are being used and are greatly appreciated. (Not to mention the $$$ is real good too...lol).


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:U Rock:sign man thats why you seniors rock Most of you could hand letter the signs before we get all the parts found :) thats why I get upset at know it all noobs If they've never watched you guys without computers etc.& they come on here knowing it all & disrespecting the Profession they have decided to follow yet they feel the need to be disrespectful of the seniors if it wasn't for you guys we wouldn't even have half the fonts we do as most were created by a man with a brush first. We owe respect to those that came before & their are those like Steve C. & Fred who still create the Kewl fonts we use in our signs . :thumb::unclesam::unclesam::unclesam::thumb: