Need Help with versaworks ??


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how do you install the "versaworks swatch library" ( in Illustrator swatch library.

had a dealer install versaworks from cd, have the folder and all the files, just cannot locate ( file

need to install that first in order to set up CutContour command



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if you are running illistrator 9/10/cs on a pc:
what you do is insert the versaworks cd in your drive,
when it comes up click X so it will not boot,
then go to start menu,
my computer,
click on you rom drive,
right click on cd drive choose open,
click on the spot color library folder,
then click on the illistrator folder,
there should be a adobe file in there that is the file you need, it should be the only file in there,
then copy it to your swatches or swatch libraries folder in the folder that contains your adobe illistrator, install and set up your contour cutting..
you will have to choose which color you use for performing the contour cut.
if you have your manual it will tell you this page 49 under contour cutting..
hope this will help you //chopper

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You dont really need to install that file to create a cut co
ntour path. Create a new spot color swatch in Illustrator and name the color "CutContour" the assign that color as a stroke to a path , and bingo, you now have a cut path that is recognized by VersaWorks.

If you really want to install that file. Find the Swatches folder in Illustrator. I beleive the path should be... C>Progam Files > Illustrator > Swatches. Then drag the file in to the folder. Then the next time you open Illustrator, Open the Swatches menu, Then click on the flyout that allows you yo open swatck libraries, and you should see roland versaworks as an option.
Hope that helps....