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need help


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I mainly just do race cars/mini stocks for some local people and friends. But I was just recently asked if i'd be interested in lettering the semi trailers at my regular job. I was wondering what vinyl would be the best and a price per trailer installed??? They want the company name 16 letters with a space, city,state, website, a div of yadda yadda yadda below company name and company logo that's about 2'x2' and a 8-10" stipe at the bottom of the trailer. Black letters with red logo and stripe at the bottom. I would greatly appreciate any help i could get on this one


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Welcome to Signs 101

You probably need to use cast vinyl for the trailer. I am assuming the trailer has tons of rivets to conform around.

As to pricing, you will be at a disavantage due to lack of experience. I would figure cutting the vinyl at $5-10/sq foot depending on your material choice, then add labor for the installation, but you are going to have to guess how long it will take to do the cleaning and installation, and you are going to want to figure this as though you have done it enough that you are not too slow, so you don't charge too much.

If the trailers are the style that are corrugated, you need to figure the depth of the corrugations into your vinyl length. I think there is a thread on how to do this here somewhere on the site. Hopefully someone else here can provide some better guidance.