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Need Info on Paper Feed Wheel for CAMM1


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Hello, all. Have only been here a short time, and read more than anything. But now I need help locating a source for replacement parts for our Roland c\plotter.

It is a CAMM1 30 inch plotter and the pinch rollers are just plain worn out! Where do I go to locate the right size? I see lots of them advertised, but I'm not sure which size will fit my machine.

EDIT to add: I did look at the manual, but the one I have doesn't specify the size of those rollers.

Thanks for the help!


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I don't know if they still sell them for that machine but go to RolandDGA.com and they have a store you can buy the pinch rollers.


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I have been able to find pinch wheels on Ebay for a substantial savings.If you have the Roland part # you may be able to find them. I lost a clip when taking the old one off and replaced the shaft with a bolt, washers and a nut. It's been working perfect for years.


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Thank you all so much for all the help in finding the correct part!

We found the rollers, and they installed very easily! We are up and running again....