Need Help NEED INK - Mutoh 1608HS MP2 Inks and Cleaning Solution Discontinued

Roger Allen

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Hey all, I'm in a bit of a hard place right now. We have a Mutoh 1608HS Hybrid Eco-Solvent and are in need of ink. After placing an order 6 weeks ago, we found out on Friday that they have discontinued the MP2 inks we use and will not be able to get any more. To make things worse, apparently the MP2 cleaning solution has also been stopped.

This machine has served us amazingly for 7 years and I'm right in the middle of getting the business back up and running post-COVID and to find out I essentially have a dead machine is disconcerting to say the least.

I'm wondering if anyone uses 3rd party inks with this machine, or if they are even available but more importantly, we need cleaning solution to keep the print head viable.

What are my options?

Thanks for any info you might have.


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Try or calling places like Sign Warehouse to see if they have the ink still in stock (it has a short shelf life). Otherwise I'd ask your tech or call Mutoh to see if your ink can be converted to MP31 and since they no longer have the MP2 in stock, are they going to compensate you for the conversion as you still use one of their legacy printers. Good luck.