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Need More Fonts

Stroker Ace

New Member
I use Pro Design software to run my Graphtec 3000 – 24 inch cutter. Pro Design is someone’s in-house version of Flexi Sign. I’m finding that I would like to have a bigger font selection. What would you suggest I get? Thanks.
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New Member
The ones from the link at the bottom of the page are all good, they also work in other programs when running dos. Just careful not to get too many fonts in your windows folder. I would suggest looking into font management programs discussed in other threads. Just do a search.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
The links to fonts mentioned are well worth checking out. The best bang for the buck for a core library of fonts is to pick up an older vrsion of CorelDRAW. It includes about 1000 good quality traditional fonts.

Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
Keep your eye out for bonus CDs that come with magazines like Computer Arts. That particular magazine is a British publication that includes a bonus CD with each issue. The CDs often have free plug-ins, fonts, demo applications and even full versions of older applications. One issue featured a full, licensed and upgradeable version of Canvas 7 -and it even included the 2000 URW fonts typically included with the retail version.